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UOGASHI 7070(nao-nao)

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Fresh fish cuisine

Althogh Naoshima is located in the Inland sea of Seto, there aren't so many choices of restaurants where fish dishes are offered.
We go to the fish market almost every morning to pick up the selected fish and prepare the best dishes. 
UOGASHI 7070 prepares only a few menus, however, we can offer you the best meal each day, using the different ingredients we have each day.  As we go to the fish market every morning to find out what is good that day, we do not make fixed menus.  It's all up to the market.


Sashimi set  meal with grilled/boiled fish ¥1,500~
Sashimi Selection ¥2,000~
Fresh Fish Sashimi Bowl  ¥3,500

Fresh Fish Sashimi Bowl ¥3,500


【Open】 11:30a.m.~2:00p.m./5:30p.m~9:00p.m
【Close】 Sundays and Mondays
【TEL】 +81-90-2544-1124
【Address】 2298-1,naoshima-cho,Kagawa-gun
【URL】 http://www.naoshimadecks.com



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