UPDATE 15 JUL, 2015

[Attention] A super typhoon approaches

Typhoon 11W (Nangka) Warning
Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC)
Due to the typhoon, boat services may be suspended, restaurants and shops will be closed. Also museums and other art facilities will be closed temporarily.

UPDATE 9 JUL, 2015

How to make a hotel reservation in Naoshima

There are some accommodations that you can check vacancies or make reservation on-line.

-Benesse House website[English]
-Saryo Ohmiyake aka Guest House Oomiyake website[Japanese&English]
Booking.com website
-Seven Beach Booking.com website
-Cottage Ohana website[Japanese]
-Takenoya website[Japanese]
-Shimacoya website[Japanese] Carrying in your tent is also available(1,000JPY/night)

You can contact a few accommodations in Naoshima or near Naoshima by E-mail or fax.

In Naoshima
Seven Beach [E-mail (mobile phone)], [E-mail (PC)] The owner speaks English fluently.
Check FB

Oyaji no Umi website[Japanese], [E-mail]
The owner doesn't speak English, but she tries to correspond in English using translate software.

Oomiyake [E-mail], [FAX]+81-(0)87-892-2328 The owner speaks French, English fluently.

Gallery Inn Kuraya [E-mail] The owner speaks English fluently.

Guest room Aoi Tori website[English] [Contact form] Click the bottom of the page

Guesthouse Moegi-so Currently closed website[English] , [E-mail]

Tsutsuji-so Lodge (Beach House) [FAX]+81-(0)87-892-3871
Benesse House (Hotel) [E-mail], [FAX] +81-(0)87-892-2259

Near Naoshima (in Tamano City)
Uno Slope House website[English] reservations( [E-mail])

Rakuten Travel website
On-line booking is now available to Tsutsuji-so
-Simplified Chinese
-Traditional Chinese

UPDATE 5 OCT, 2014

Several questions

Currently, enquiries in English beyond our abilities to answer are increasing.
The answer you are finding may be found in the websites like below.
-Wikitravel Naoshima(wikitravel)
-japan-guide.com Forum; Naoshima enquiries search results

UPDATE 2 APR, 2014

Attention to irregular closing days

In the Golden Week 2014, art facilities except Benesse House Museum will be closed on 30th April and 7th May, both are Wednesdays.
Those facilities are usually closed on Mondays. If a national holiday falls on Monday, they are closed the next day.
However, the next days of 28th April and 5th May are public holiday / substitute holiday, so they open on 29th April and 6th May.
They are due to be closed on 30th April and 7th May instead.

Please check Open day calendar 2014

UPDATE 2 APR, 2014

Raising prices in April 2014

Due to the consumption tax rate hike, most prices was raised in April 2014.
Hotel charges, retail prices, restaurant budgets, admission fees etc.
ex) Benesse House room rates after April 2014
Admission fees of each facilities in Benesse Art Site Naoshima

UPDATE 29 NOV, 2013

Press contact, requesting press images of artworks, galleries

Please contact Benesse Holidings Inc./ Fukutake Foundation from the below.
Benesse Art Site Naoshima press contact

Recently requesting images especially artworks, galleries from whom concerned to the mass media increases. Although we possess neither the right to lend such images nor images themselves.
To avoid wasting your time, we'd like you to know the appropriate contact addresses.

Naoshima has gained in popularity over recent years. However, super crowdedness due to excess fever might ruin your trip on some occasions.
Mind you, learning about some inconveniences in Naoshima would avoid your disappoint.

UPDATE 8 SEP. 2013

Open Days Calendar of Benesse Art Site

The schedule of days closed of museums will sometimes be changed.
Please refer to the Open Days Calendar

Where can you use Credit card

Credit cards are available at Benesse House, Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum and Honmura Lounge&Archive for Hotel fee, restaurant fee, purchasing admission ticket and goods.
"7-eleven Naoshima" and "Seafood & Yakiniku Restaurant Henkotsu-en" (not older Henkotsu-en but brand-new restaurant opened at Miyanoura Port on Apr, 2012 ) are also available.

UPDATE 20 JAN. 2013

Expected crowdedness in 2013

1. Setouchi Triennale 2013 (International Art Festival)
Official website
During the terms of this triennale, you might face considerable difficulty like below.
- Almost no vacancy in accommodations among Naoshima
- Long long queue at everywhere, every time

2. Fewer vacancy in accommodation
Approximately from January to April 2013, you might barely find vacancy.
This is not be occurred by the number of art pilgrim, though.
In this term, due to large maintenance of Mitsubishi Refinery, hundreds of engineer and the labour occupy some of accommodations in the island. So the expected capacity of accommodations will be less than usual.

UPDATE 13 JAN. 2013

Museums' closing schedule

Chichu Art Museum, Benesse House Museum, Lee Ufan Museum, Art House Project and Naoshima Bath "I Love Yu" will be closed due to the maintenance. (Benesse House Museum will open from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. on 15th Jan. Last admission is 11:30)
- Check each Schedule HERE
An outdoor artwork "Red Pumpkin" will not be open to the public due to repainting from 15 Jan to 18 Jan.
Thank you for your consideration.

UPDATE 15 JUL. 2012

Foreign currencies are not available

Although there's a bank in Naoshima, currency exchange is not available there.
If you have Maestro or other credit cards, cash advance service is available at Post Office ATM.
[business hours of Post Office ATM]
-Miyanoura Post Office Weekday 9:00-17:30, Sat 9:00-12:30, Sun & public holiday CLOSED
-Naoshima(Honmura) Post Office Weekday 8:45-18:00, Sat 9:00-17:00, Sun & public holiday 9:00-14:00

UPDATE 17 Apr. 2011

How to manage time in Golden Week

During the Golden Week, from 29th April to 8th May, there should be such a crowdedness in many places in Naoshima that you need to have patience.
Then how to manage it well?
It's recommended to know what to do beforehand.

1. Transportation
Travellers ride Town Bus from Miyanoura Port to Tsutsuji-so (terminus), pay the fee to get off. Then from Tsutsuji-so to Chichu Art Museum or Benesse House, Lee Ufan Museum, walk or it's possible to transfer Town Bus to Benesse's Free Shuttle.
Benesse's shuttle service is usually 2 times per hour in average, and it will be 4 times per hour (every 15 minutes) during Golden Week.
On your return trip, move to Tsutsuji-so on foot or riding Benesse's shuttle and take Town Bus.

Town Bus doesn't make stop at Chichu Art Museum except 1 service (leave Miyanoura Port at 12:05). Too many passengers, however, shall be left behind the bus because of Golden Week crush. So special bus from Miyanoura Port to Chichu Art Museum may run few times in the morning during Golden Week. On what time and how many times the special bus run is depends on how many passengers left behind.

2. Bicycle rental
Currently there are 3 bicycle rental shops around Miyanoura Port. Cafe Ougiya, Little Plum and Miyageya have stocks enough in ordinary days, but during Golden Week there will be no stocks earlier than usual. Many people can't hire bicycles.

3. Waiting time and Timed Ticket
To say about Chichu Art Museum, the number of visitors admitted at a time is limited. Sometimes in usual week-end, frequently in holidays, visitors have to wait to purchase admittance ticket when it's overcrowded.
In case waiting time arose, Chichu Art Museum distributes Timed Tickets. Though it's called a numbered ticket, it's properly a Timed Ticket which printed a particular time you can purchase the Admittance Ticket.

You can purchase the Admittance Ticket at only Chichu Art Museum Ticket Centre, so you have to go there to get a Timed Ticket and judge whether wait there or move to somewhere else and come back to Chichu Art Museum according to the length of waiting.

Since it is inconvenience that people can get the Timed Ticket at Chichu's Ticket Centre only, the Timed Tickets for after 14:00 are also distributed at Honmura Lounge & Archive in order for you to visit Chichu Art Museum after looked around Art House Project, or after had the lunch.
Honmura Lounge & Archive usually doesn't distribute the Timed Ticket. This is a step they take about the crowdedness during Golden Week.

To say about Minamidera, one of Art House project, visitors admit every 15 minutes within the numbers limited at once. During Golden Week, the Timed Ticket of Minamidera is distributed at Minamidera entrance only. You can't admit Minamidera before you get the Timed Ticket even though you have the Admittance Ticket of Art House Project.

4. Difference between Chichu Art Museum's and Minamidera's Timed Tickets
You can purchase Chichu Art Museum Admittance Ticket changing with Timed Ticket you need to get in advance. Chichu Art Museum's Timed Ticket isn't distributed when the museum isn't overcrowded.
You can't admit Minamidera without Minamidera's Timed Ticket. Of course you have to purchase Art House Project Admittance Ticket, and also need to get Timed Ticket for Minamidera. Minamidera's Timed Ticket is distributed as soon as it opened at 9:30.

5. Open eralier
Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum
Usual open at 10:00 ????open at 9:00 during Golden Week
Art House Project, Honmura Lounge & Archive
Usual open at 10:00 ????open at 9:30 during Golden Week
Benesse House Museum
Open at 8:00 as usual during Golden Week

On 2nd May, all of above opens.
(On Mondays, facilities except Benesse House Museum closes. When the Monday is public holiday they open and be closed on following Tuesday. In case of 2nd May, 2011, it isn't public holiday but it belongs to Golden Week, so all of them opens.)